Privacy Notice

Innovación y Administración de TI S. de R.L. de C.V., domiciled at Acceso III No 1 Bis Zona Industrial Benito Juarez, CP 76120 Queretaro, Qro. (hereinafter “The Responsible”), makes available the present Privacy Notice in order to fulfill with the Federal Law of Personal Data in Individuals Possession as well as in Bylaws (hereinafter the “Law”), and at the same time, to inform the processing given to the personal data of your clients and future clients, guaranteeing all the time the way in which this data is obtained, used, disclosed and/or stored.

Personal Data subject to processing.

The personal data that you may provide or that you have provided to The Responsible, in written, orally or through the web page and/or through the use of an online service, as well as through other means, are the following ones: Name, e-mail, company, phone number, title, web page, city, country, date of birth, the necessary information for required services, as well as copy of the necessary documents that serve to proof the before mentioned data.

The personal data is gathered and processed under strict and safety administrative, physic and technical means, guaranteeing at any time its confidentiality and being necessary to appropriately carry out the provided services by the Responsible in favor of the Holder, so in case of not counting with any of these, it can happen to be that the services may not be suitably provided.

Likewise, other personal data that are not included in the foregoing ones may be processed if said data are of the same nature or do not exceed the purposes for which they are gathered.

Purposes and/or personal data uses

Your personal data will be gathered and processed for the following purposes: to identify you, assist you, communicate you, congratulate you, contact you, sending you information and/or merchandise by any means; the use of personal data shall be related to the type of interaction you have with The Responsible whether commercial, civil, mercantile or of any other nature.

During the use and processing of personal data, financial or proprietary data and or sensitive observes in any moment the legal, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility principles established by Law.

Personal Data Transferences

In order to carry out the described purposes in the present Privacy Notice, your personal data may be transferred and processed within the country by different persons to the one of The Responsible. Your information may be shared with other companies or service suppliers for the fulfillment of the contracted obligations. The Responsible shall make sure through the execution of several agreements and/or the adoption of other linking documents that said third parties shall keep safety, administrative, physical and technical measures to safeguard the personal data for the purposes for which they were contracted and according to what has been provided by the present Privacy Notice. Likewise, The Responsible, shall not assign, or transfer your personal data, without your consent, to third parties not related to the referred company. In case you do not agree with the transfer of your personal data, please send us your inconformity to the following e-mail:

Safety regarding personal data

The Responsible has adopted the safety administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal data against damage, alteration, destruction or the use, action or unauthorized processing. The Access to your personal data, personal financial or proprietary data and/or sensitive personal data shall be limited to the personas that need to have access to said information with the purpose of carrying out identified purposes in this Privacy Notice.

Rights that correspond to your regarding personal data

You may exercise before The Responsible, the rights to Access, rectification, cancellation an opposition (“ARCO’s” Rights), established by Law. Likewise, you may revoke, at any time, the consent you have granted and necessary for the processing of your personal data, personal financial or proprietary data and/or personal sensitive data as well as to require to be eliminated, to limit the use or disclose of the same.

In order to exercise ARCO’s Rights, we make available to you in the web page:, the corresponding form, which depending on its petition, shall complete and send to the electronic mail:, attaching at the same time your information being required in each one of them. The answer to the application will be given to you 20 business days after you have received your application and we will send it to you in written to the e-mail or postal address being provided in the regarded form.

Privacy Notice.- The Responsible reserves the right to up to date and/or modify in any moment, totally or partially, the present Notice of Privacy, with the purpose of attending legislative or Supreme Court rulings, as well as internal politics or the necessary requirements to render the services that offers, so in case that there is any updating or modification the updated version of said document will be available for you through an the internet page: Internet In this sense, it will be Holder´s responsibility and obligation to inform to The Responsible about any modification or updating of his data.

Once the present document has been read, it is understood that you grant your expressed consent for the processing and transmission of your personal data in order to carry out the herein described purposes.

It is notified to you that the present Privacy Notice was modified on March 6th, 2013.