Flexible Service Model

Our philosophy at icorp includes having a “Flexible Service Model” which we can adapt to your special requirements using measurable goals that help us satisfy the expectations stated in the SLA—all without sacrificing technical and economic competitiveness.

In computer engineering, a data storage system is defined as a hardware device where data is stored. What concerns businesses today is the exponential growth in data that has occurred—enormous amounts of data must be stored and be quickly accessible. So data storage systems are incredibly important to your business.

In a small business with a single server, the data storage system where the information is stored is typically the server’s built-in hard disk. In larger corporate environments, the system might consist of racks upon racks of dedicated storage systems, which work in tandem to provide high performance and redundancy.

Storage system technology has changed radically in recent years. The SAN and NAS systems have taken over in popularity because of their excellent performance, scalability, compatibility, and fault-tolerant capabilities.

The types of data storage are:

Storage Area Network (SAN) units are often large banks of enclosures that can accommodate hundreds of disk drives. But these large systems (often with more than 50 terabytes of capacity) do more than just house and power hundreds of disk drives. They are true data warehouses with incredible power that use sophisticated software to manage multiple arrays of devices, support various storage architecture configurations, and provide for constant monitoring of the entire system.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is typically an independent computer running its own operating system and file system, and which manages the disk drives connected to it. They are multipurpose units that you can deploy for different needs, and they function like file-servers do.

Alliances with leading manufacturers

A detailed analysis is helpful to find the system that is right for you. It is not enough to just pick a data storage system that promises to be fault-free because the reality is that (despite the technology inherent in these systems) unforeseen disasters do happen and they do cause real data loss.

icorp's strategic alliances with leading manufacturers help us to offer reliable storage solutions for small and medium enterprises, as well as high-performance solutions for environments that demand large capacity, fast performance and complete redundancy.

Turnkey projects

We work in conjunction with your IT staff to deliver turnkey solutions that meet your business objectives by enabling the efficient use of resources. We help you to integrate and set solutions in motion so that your IT staff can better concentrate their efforts on developing business strategy instead of spending their time with maintenance and operations.