Flexible Service Model

Our philosophy at icorp includes having a “Flexible Service Model” which we can adapt to your special requirements using measurable goals that help us satisfy the expectations stated in the SLA—all without sacrificing technical and economic competitiveness.

The ability to easily transform our generalized services into tailored, turnkey solutions has become one of the most important competitive benefits that icorp offers.

What is it?

Having processes for data-backup and data-recovery helps your enterprise maintain business continuity since (should the worst happen and your data is lost) the data can be restored from a backup. In some locales a backup and recovery process that meets a set minimum requirements is something that a business must have in order to comply with local law.

Today, enterprises the world over clearly understand that company data is very important and not just for business continuity, but for the very continued existence of the enterprise itself. Protecting data and ensuring that it is accessible around the clock is a critical task and therefore it is important that it be executed well.

One of the most recent and important operational challenges is the sheer variety of solutions available—each one a good solution if deployed in the right place. Many enterprises qualify for one of more of these solutions, so with such a diversity of choices you will often see many, different data protection schemes running in the same organization.

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Industry Leader

Arcserve is a leading supplier of software for the protection and recovery of data. They provide each enterprise with the security of being able to recover data and applications whenever necessary. Founded in 1990, Arcserve offers a complete solution for physical and virtual environments, on site or in the cloud, and it is also backed by the experience and support of their engineers.

The new unified architecture, Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP), boasts a full range of extremely efficient data-protection features; each one delivered by a simple, web-based console.

New Generation

With issues trending like mix and match infrastructure, application interdependence, and the increasing need for businesses to stay up and running, it becomes apparent that priorities have changed. Arcserve UDP is the first solution that combines proven solutions for backup, replication, high availability and real global deduplication in a single console available for physical and virtual environments.

Arcserve UDP is a simple, unified solution that uses a new architecture to address how to protect data. This means you can let Arcserve worry about physical and virtual backup copies, and about high-availability and interoperability, about differences between Windows and Linux, and whether it is NAS/NDMP or cloud-based, or on disk or on Unix, or whether it is tape or CITRIX-XEN, or Sharepoint, SQL or Oracle, or resides on a workstation or laptop. Arcserve even handles doing recoveries from scratch as well as deduplication and other solutions that are specific to file storage.

All of this makes you think of how wonderful the world can be when all the data protection processes work well and work together.

The main benefits of implementing a backup and recovery solution are:

  • Maintaining business continuity.
  • Reducing the risk of unrecoverable data loss.
  • Reducing the complexity of data protection.
  • Optimally managing the infrastructure's capacity.
  • Assuring the availability of critical applications.
  • Complying with regulations.
  • Drafting and maintenance of disaster recovery plans.
  • Adapting to the dynamic environment of virtualization.

We are certified by the supplier.

An attractive solution

Arcserve UDP is based on a unified, next-generation architecture suitable for both physical and virtual environments. Its Assured Recovery™ features, its ease of use, and its unparalleled functionality set it apart from other data protection solutions. This unified solution offers some quite innovative functions:

  • Unified management console
  • Truly global deduplication
  • Comprehensive and flexible data protection and availability planning
  • Backup copies without VMware and Hyper-V agents
  • Compatibility with physical Windows & Linux systems
  • Integrated replication and high availability
  • Migration of disk images to tape
  • Granular restoration from disk or tape
  • On site, remote or cloud-based
A solid solution

Arcserve UDP lets users easily expand the hybrid topologies they use for availability, either locally or over long distance with several sites, including cloud and service providers. At the core of the architecture is the Recovery Point Server (RPS). Among its key functions are: True global deduplication, proven integrated replication, rapid data feed initiation, warehousing user data, compressing it, and encrypting it with AES.

Backups are file-based or image-based and can be put onto disk, tape or the cloud. Backups are enhanced by replication, continuous data protection (CDP) and high availability features.

Integrated data deduplication, SRM, data archival and infrastructure display.

Protects VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, File Server, IIS, Oracle, SAP, Linux, UNIX and much more.

Granular recovery for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, file servers, and Active Directory, among others.

Public or private clouds either local or remote (Amazon, Azure, Fujitsu, Cloudian and Eucalyptus).

Complete and integrated solution.

Flexible licensing (TB, socket, MV)

Improved availability, recovery and system and data protection.

Improved features help satisfy the key performance indicators for service-level agreements with regard to availability, recovery and data protection.

Improved operational effectiveness.

Turnkey projects

We work in conjunction with your IT staff to deliver turnkey solutions that meet your business objectives by enabling the efficient use of resources. We help you to integrate and set solutions in motion so that your IT staff can better concentrate their efforts on developing business strategy instead of spending their time with maintenance and operations.

We are certified by the supplier.