Flexible Service Model

Our philosophy at icorp includes having a “Flexible Service Model” which we can adapt to your special requirements using measurable goals that help us satisfy the expectations stated in the SLA—all without sacrificing technical and economic competitiveness.

The ability to easily transform our generalized services into tailored, turnkey solutions has become one of the most important competitive benefits that icorp offers.

The vSphere platform is designed to provide a holistic view of the entire virtual environment — from performance and utilization metrics to an analysis of those factors that might cause problems later, such as storage space, over-utilization, and resource availability — since it is able to predict, provide alerts and automate virtualization tasks.

What is it?

Virtualization is the use of software to create a representation of a technological resource, whether it is a hardware platform, operating system, storage device or other networked resource.

There are different forms of virtualization. It is possible to virtualize the server hardware and the server software, as well as virtualize user sessions and applications. A desktop computer can also be a host for several virtual machines.

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Industry Leader

VMware is the market leader in virtualization software. Their technologies simplify IT complexity and optimize operations to help companies be more agile, efficient and profitable. By virtualizing IT infrastructure (the data center, the cloud, mobile devices, etc.), VMware allows the IT department to provide services from any device, anytime and anywhere.

The main benefits of a virtualization solution are:

  • Increased productivity in the IT department as well as for every employee.
  • Centralized and simplified global management.
  • Up to 80% increase in server utilization.
  • Reduction in hardware requirements in ratios of 10:1 or better.
  • Reduction by half for operating and capital expenses, with annual savings of more than 1,500 USD per virtualized server.
  • High availability of applications, solid and profitable.
  • Improved responsiveness.
  • Improved business continuity without loss of service.
  • Environmental impact reduction by lowering energy consumption from physical servers.

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The main benefits of a virtualization solution are:

Since it is a product with a specific purpose, it has zero dependence on generic operating systems—all of its processing is applied to virtualization. It is a lightweight platform and therefore presents a smaller target that can be attacked, which helps to provide the maximum in security. Centralized management is handled by vCenter®, which provides full control over the entire virtual environment.

Some advanced techniques—ballooning, transparent page sharing, swap—make optimal use of each host's physical memory.

The need for security patches and updates is minimal since it is a dedicated virtualization product. In case of a hardware failure, the features in vSphere High Availability (HA) assure that services and applications are recovered quickly with minimal interruption. vSphere Data Protection is used to protect the virtual environment against data loss. Technologies like data deduplication are used to optimize the storage space utilized by this critical service.

This feature is completely focused on business continuity. It maintains availability of each server and the applications it contains with the help of a secondary server (physical or virtual) that stands ready to assume the work of the primary server should it suffer a failure. This mechanism assures no downtime nor loss of data.

With features like profiles and VM templates, the time to provision servers (and services) is reduced from a few days to mere minutes. This is critical for businesses that require new features to be deployed immediately.

vCenter® is the central management platform for VMware virtual environments. It is available in two versions (Windows and Virtual Appliance) and is designed to control and manage all aspects of the virtual environment. A few of its functions are: server provisioning, task automation, resource management (like CPU), data storage and network management.

Turnkey projects

We work in conjunction with your IT staff to deliver turnkey solutions that meet your business objectives by enabling the efficient use of resources. We help you to integrate and set solutions in motion so that your IT staff can better concentrate their efforts on developing business strategy instead of spending their time with maintenance and operations.

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