Flexible Service Model

Our philosophy at icorp includes having a “Flexible Service Model” which we can adapt to your special requirements using measurable goals that help us satisfy the expectations stated in the SLA—all without sacrificing technical and economic competitiveness.

IT infrastructure is defined as the set of physical devices that (together with software applications) are required to help the business operate. Another way of looking at IT infrastructure is as a bundle of services which run the length and breadth of the enterprise, and which are budgeted by the organization and carried out by a mix of people and technology.

It is crucial for all enterprises to build their IT infrastructure platforms using quality components that meet current and future organizational needs. Enterprises should also make sure that their platforms support today´s applications and technologies, as well as having reliable support from integrators and manufacturers.”

IT infrastructure consists of the following major components:

Alliances with leading manufacturers

icorp has strategic alliances with the leading hardware and software suppliers. Our extensive training in their products helps us to design and implement technologically robust IT infrastructure solutions for you.

Consulting & Solution Deployment

Whether you have a small, single-server network running Windows Active Directory, or a huge enterprise involving remote sites with elaborate needs for security, data warehousing, virtualization and communication, we at icorp are happy to advise you about trending and proven IT solutions.

We are not people who simply install hardware and software for you. We are integrators who design solutions to meet your business needs using purposeful technology and people resources, so that you can get maximum returns of efficiency for your investment.