Flexible Service Model

Our philosophy at icorp includes having a “Flexible Service Model” which we can adapt to your special requirements using measurable goals that help us satisfy the expectations stated in the SLA — all without sacrificing technical and economic competitiveness.

The ability to easily transform our generalized services into tailored, turnkey solutions has become one of the most important competitive benefits that icorp offers.

  • Cost savings and improvement in investment strategies and financial flows.
  • Achieving better results by leaving this process in the hands of experts.
  • Processes based on high quality standards.
  • Enables the company to focus its efforts on strategic business activities.
  • Helps to manage and control the headcount of the company.
  • Contributes to the creation of formal jobs.
  • Follows a process ruled by the current legal standards.
  • Saving timeouts in hiring and firing.
  • Invoicing 100 % deductible for the total payroll, taxes and service.
  • Confidentiality of customer information.

Specialized online training program.

a) Recruitment of personnel for short, medium and long term projects

b) Hiring a group of programmers for a development project.

c) Project leader recruitment with the option to eventually hire him permanently.

d) Recruitment of staff to help on temporary work loads (Platform migration, mass deployment of computer equipment, etc.).

We can provide personnel with communication skills in the language and location that the customer requires.